What is "For You"?

For you is a content discovery system on Fansly, filled with pictures and videos that creators post on their timelines. Fansly uses its algorithm to display media that users should enjoy based on their behaviors within their account.

Q: How do I get my media to show up on users' explore pages?
A: Simply verify that the following requirements are met when you create a new post on Fansly:
  1. If your timeline is locked behind an access permission (i.e. only followers can see your timeline) you will need to add #fyp to your post text as seen here: fyp2.png
  2. Make sure all locked media that you want displayed in the For You section have free previews set.
  3. Any media posted in the past that already meets the above requirements will automatically get recommended to users.
Q: I do not want my media recommended in users' For You.
A: Simply lock your timeline behind any permission here. If you do not want to make your profile paid, you can simply add the “followers” permission to make your timeline only accessible to your followers.