How do I start Live Streaming?

To start a live stream, first please head over to and click on 'Generate Stream Key' - you will need this key to connect your software to Fansly (WARNING: Please keep your Stream Key Private).


Our recommended software to live stream on Fansly is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio). You can download it by following this link: - this website also has extensive documentation about the technical aspects of OBS. We recommend you read over the OBS Quick start guide found here:


After you've installed and familiarized yourself with OBS, navigate to Settings → Stream. Please select 'Custom' as your server, and input both your Stream Server and Stream key (both of which can be found here:


If you have followed the aforementioned guide, all you have to do now is generate your chat room (if you want one) here:, set your desired permissions and create a stream goal, if you'd wish.

Once you're ready to start your live stream, just hit the 'Start Streaming' button in OBS Studio! Once you have everything set up, you only ever have to open OBS and hit the 'Start streaming' button to go live again. Happy streaming!