Posting, messaging, and monetizing!

This article explores how you can engage with your community through posts and messages, along with various methods to monetize your content, should you choose to do so! A key advantage of Fansly is its flexibility; you can opt not to monetize at all, focus on monetizing a single content type, or change things around as you go. 


All creator income on Fansly is through one of three avenues: tips, locked content, and subscriptions. These three monetization options are integrated into a ton of different Fansly features, so you can make your money, your way.

  • Tips are available through tip goals, users tipping you on posts/over DMs (including pay-per-message), or on livestreams. You can also set up tip keywords so if someone tips you a certain amount while saying a certain word, e.g. a phrase off your customs menu, you automatically message them back pre-prepared content. (More on that in a sec!)
  • Locked content, aka PPV, which can be pictures, videos, text, or audio, and can be sent through DMs or posted on your feed.
  • Subscriptions are recurring payments that allow users access to anything locked behind a Subscriber permission, as well as whatever subscriber benefits you choose to list on that tier. We have a full guide on Subscriptions here.



  1. Promote Post will be checked if your post is going to be promoted on the For You Page, our personalised content discovery browser. For more on what that means and how to opt in or out, check out our full discoverabiltiy tutorial here.
  2. You can pin posts to the top of your feed. This is often used to highlight an introductory post, special events, and/or tip menus. To unpin, just click the three dots on the upper right of a pinned post.
  3. Wall albums let you categorise your content (e.g. “cosplay”). Their titles are visible on top of the feed to anyone viewing the profile. Clicking to “Add to Walls” lets you select which wall album you want to add this post to, as well as editing existing wall albums.
  4. You can lock your posts’ replies behind a permission, so that not every user can comment on it.
  5. Upload a media bundle with optional preview images and set the viewing permissions. One post can have several media bundles, e.g. one free set and one PPV set. (Want to skip ahead to our PPV tutorial? Click here.)
  6. Schedule posts, and see what posts are currently scheduled.
  7. Set this post to expire on a certain date, for especially exclusive content.
  8. Attach a tip goal to this post for fans to contribute to. This can be a new tip goal made just for this post, or a tip goal which is shared across several posts (e.g. "March Trip").
  9. Run a poll where your community can vote from a variety of options.
  10. Lock text - not the caption - and adjust the permissions.
  11. Record audio and set its media permissions.

Direct Messages

On Fansly, DMs work much the same way as they do on any other platform. You can send fans media bundles, locked text, record audio directly from your device, and of course - GIFs from GIPHY.

To determine who can send you messages, set your DM permissions!

In the above, DM permissions are set so that users can only DM this creator if they are subscribed, or if they're a follower who is tipping $1 per message, or if they're a follower who has paid a total of $50 on unlocking PPV.

You can access different DM and user options by clicking the three dots at the top right of your conversation with a user; this includes adding them to a List, showing how much of your income they've contributed to, VIPing them so they appear in the VIP tab of your inbox, and adding notes about them in case there's particular things you want to remember (like their nickname, favorite content, pronouns, etc.)

Mass Messages

Mass messages can be used by creators to send direct messages to a large number users rather than manually messaging every recipient individually! This is great for weekly/monthly updates, notifying your community when a new set has been posted on your feed, providing exclusive content to users in Lists, and more!


The Broadcast Message Stats’ tab displays your mass message statistics like open rate and money earned.

Automated Messages

Automated messages are messages that are sent to your fans based on set triggers such as when they subscribe or follow you. You can send a message or attach a media bundle/locked text. You can select your desired trigger, a sent delay in seconds, a cooldown, and your message.

Automated Messages are also great for handling a custom requests menu, by enabling a Keyword and Minimum Tip on the "New Tip" Message Trigger!


Are there Read Receipts?

No. However if you have Online Status turned on, users can see if you’re online.

Can fans tell the difference between a mass message/automatic message and a direct message?

All messages display the same to fans - there’s no immediate indicator of which is which. If you're sending a media from your Vault, the Likes it accumulated elsewhere (e.g. in another DM, or on your feed) will appear on that media. To avoid this, do XYZ. 

How do I prevent users from sending me images I don't want to see?

If you want our system to automatically blur any media you’re messaged unless you click to view it in full, you can adjust the Message Content Blur setting. This only affects your messages, not images you see on your timeline/suggestions.