Getting started on Fansly

Welcome to Fansly! We’re so excited you’re looking into becoming a creator. Let’s get you through some basics to get you set up. To sign up for Fansly, click on the sign up button and create a username and password. Alternatively, you can also register by logging in with your Twitter, Google, or Twitch account. Once you register your account, we'll send you an email with a confirmation link. Click that to verify your email address, and you may now apply for our creator program

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old and have reached the age of legal adulthood in your country of residence to access Fansly.

If you have a temporary username (e.g., user234234823482348), we recommend changing it manually before applying, as username changes post-verification cannot be manual and require that you email us at

By law, we require you to verify your age, identity, and consent to use Fansly. This is a requirement to ensure that our platform remains safe and secure for everyone. Here is what you’ll need to upload during the application process:

  1. A close-up photo of the front and back of your government-issued photo ID. Your ID and all its information must be fully visible in the image.
  2. A photo of you holding your ID as well as a handwritten sign which has your legal name, the date of applying, and the phrase “For Fansly”. 
  3. A video recording of you, with your face fully visible, holding both your ID and the handwritten sign.

Once your creator verification is approved, there’ll be a prompt on your homepage for you to complete the necessary tax documentation for your region. You can still monetise content and receive income to your Fansly wallet, but funds won’t become available for withdrawal until your tax documents are completed.

If you plan to feature others in your content who lack Fansly accounts, it's your responsibility to verify their age, identity, and consent beforehand. They can create and verify their own accounts, or they can submit the consent form available here

If you represent an agency, publisher, or any other type of entity planning to upload content featuring multiple individuals, please fill out the creator application and tax documentation as the sole owner and beneficiary of the account.

Adding a payout method

Fansly creators receive 80% of the revenue from their subscriptions, sold media, messaging, and tip earnings. There are no hidden fees during payment processing, payouts, or currency conversion.

Your income from each transaction (e.g. a subscription) will take 7 days to clear from your pending balance to your wallet. Once funds are cleared, you can request the payout. Payouts will typically process within 1-2 business days after approval. 

You can add your payout method here -- click Add Payout Method and fill in the required information. This page is also where you will request your payouts. Fansly currently supports Paxum, Cosmopayments, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers as payout methods. The deposits will appear under the name SELECT MEDIA LLC. 

Setting up your profile

Before officially diving into Fansly, we recommend setting up a few things on your profile page first.

  • Tags: Click "Tags" on the upper right of your Fansly page to bring up your account tags. This is a list where you can set keywords to describe yourself as a creator and the content you most frequently make. It's private, and completely optional! Tagging keywords which are relevant to your content means that if someone searches that keyword in the search bar, your profile has a better chance of being shown in the results, and a better chance of appearing in the Suggestions tab for a user that interacts with creators similar to you.
  • More about you: To the right of the Tags button is the Profile button -- this is where you can customise your display name, icon, header, bio, link and displayed location. (The ideal dimension for the header is 3261 W x 1126 H!)
  • Feed: If someone is within your feed permission, they can see your post’s captions, comments, and chosen preview images (if any). You can adjust who can or cannot view your feed in Settings -> Privacy & Safety. By default, there is no feed permission set, which means anybody can view your feed. Your bio, profile picture, banner, display name, username, and wall album titles are all visible to people regardless of your feed permissions (unless you have blocked them as a user or through geoblocking, in which case your page URL will be a 404).