What is a Creator Vault

The creator vault is the best solution for keeping your media organized on Fansly. You can find it here: https://fansly.com/creator/vault. Content in your vault needs to abide by Fansly's Terms of Service, the same way posted content does. The storage space of your creator vault is unlimited.


Organizing media using Albums

To create a new album, first go to your Creator Dashboard and click Vault.

From there, click the back arrow to the left of the "All" header:



Now click the plus sign, to the left of the "My Albums" header:



You may then create a new album, entering the name and description for the album in the following popup:


To delete media from your vault, please highlight all of the items you wish to delete. After that, press on the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Remove selected from album’.



Currently, there is no way to permit any other users to access your vault.

Files stored in your vault are safe from unauthorized access; only you are able to see them. Please note that you cannot download items from the vault (even your own), so make sure to keep a local backup of your data.

Fansly also recommends setting up 2-factor authentication on your account to prevent unauthorized access. You can do so on the following page: https://fansly.com/settings/account.