Profile Discoverability Features

Something near and dear to our hearts at Fansly is helping creators grow their community organically, without having to spread themselves thin promoting everything everywhere all at once. Just like you, we want to introduce your content to the people who would love it the most! But with so much content being shared every day, it can be difficult for your profile to stand out and get noticed. That’s where our algorithms and discoverability features come in!

"Made For You"

Our FYP functions as you’d expect it would — it’s a slideshow of posts from all creators, not just the ones a user is following. It uses an algorithm based on users’ behavior on the site to recommend media we think they’ll love! 

Not all content will show up on the FYP, because we don’t want to show content which creators have intended to stay private. If you want your content to show up on the FYP:

  1. If your timeline is locked behind an access permission (i.e. only followers can see your timeline) you will need to add #fyp to your post text.
  2. Make sure all locked Media that you want displayed in the For You section have free previews set.


Et voila! You’ll get a little tick, and you’re off to the races. 

Profile Tags

Profile tags are a useful tool that can be edited at any time on your profile. They allow you to self-categorize your content, and provide an opportunity for you to be discovered by users searching for those specific terms.


It’s important to keep your profile tags accurate — they help users understand what they can expect from your content! These tags are not publicly visible, and they’re entirely optional, but they can be super helpful:

First, if you tag yourself with a particular term (such as “redhead” or “cosplayer”), and someone searches for that term in the search bar, you have a better chance of being shown in the search results. This can be especially useful if you produce content that is centered around a specific theme or topic.


Secondly, our algorithm recognizes the terms you’ve used in your profile tags and uses this information to suggest your content to users who engage with similar content. For example, if you’ve tagged yourself as a “redhead” and someone frequently engages with content related to redheads, they may see your content in their suggestions tab.


Did you know that you can increase your discoverability on Fansly by connecting your other social media accounts? By going to Connections in Settings, you can securely link your Twitch and Twitter accounts to your Fansly profile.

This feature is completely private, and we will never post on your connected platforms or edit your information without your permission. The purpose of linking your accounts is to increase the chances of being recommended to users who follow you on other platforms.

If someone who follows you on Twitch or Twitter also connects their accounts to Fansly, or uses one of those platforms to sign in to Fansly, you may be automatically recommended to them! This can be a great way to grow your Fansly audience and connect with users who are already interested in your content.


Hashtags are our newest discoverability feature, and some hashtags already have over two million views! Hashtags work similarly to how they do on any other platform — you hashtag inside the caption of your post, and you’ll show up within that hashtag. Hashtags appear in the search bar when a word is searched, or can be clicked on someone’s post to be sent to that page. Hashtags are also great for if a user searches your page looking for a certain kind of content.

To benefit most from hashtags, you should use relevant hashtags that are popular among the community you are trying to reach. This will increase the chances that your content will be discovered by users who are interested in the topic. 

But how do I get onto the suggestions tab?

You’re already there! The suggestions tab is automatically generated via algorithm, using profile tags and other back-end wizardry. It suggests active creators to users who would love their content, but might not know about them yet. If you’re seeing the same creators repeatedly, keep in mind that you’re likely not engaging with the website the way a fan would.