How do I offer a discount on my subscriptions?

As well as setting a base price for your subscription, you can run a public discount for a limited time, offer multi-month discounts, and offer exclusive free or discounted trial months privately to users.

Limited Time Discounts

To discount your subscriptions for a limited time, opt for a Promotion instead of altering the subscription price directly. This way, it’ll display as a discount so people know they’re getting a deal!

To apply a discount for all Fansly users, click the "Promotion" button on a subscription tier. Enter the discounted amount, customize your promotion settings, and then click "Save & Enable." You can also exclude expired subscribers or those who have previously used a promotion from purchasing another promotional subscription. The promotion will activate based on the "Available From" setting's date and time. Once you click “Save”, your followers receive a notification on on the Start Date that you’re running a Promotion.


Multi-Month Discounts

  • To incentivize longer subscription periods, such as offering 15% off for a 3-month subscription, you can set up multiple plans for a subscription tier. Within "Edit Subscription Tier" under "Plans/Pricing," you can establish subscription plans for durations up to 6 months.

Free trial links

Gift links, visible at the bottom of your Plans/Promos page, are a great way for you to share a subscriber experience with someone at a discount of your choice! You can use these to give friends a lifetime subscription for free, or give a certain exclusive group a discounted rate rather than running a full promotion. Check out our full tutorial on Gift Links here.