What is the minimum payout amount

The minimum payout amount varies by which payout method is utilized to deliver your payout. Currently, these are our payout minimums:


- Paxum, Cosmopayment: $20

- SEPA transfer (Bank Deposit within the EU and UK): $50*

- Bank Wire (International SWIFT transfer): $100

- Cryptocurrency: $100


Any additional bank payout methods (local deposits in South America and Asia, for example) have a payout minimum of $20. That includes USD ACH transfers, as well as CAD bank deposits. If you are wondering about a specific payer, you can contact us via email at support@fansly.com to inquire.

Please note that these values are subject to change due to payer availability, banking restrictions, and other factors. 


Some payouts have a Hard limit to the set minimum, while others have a soft limit. A soft limit means you can still request a $20 payout, but your payout may stay on status 'Approved' until the cumulative amount of your requests total or exceed the minimum. Once that minimum has been reached, your payments will be sent out automatically. In some cases, these payments are still sent out after an extended wait period. 

If a payout method has a Hard limit, you cannot request a payout under the set minimum and will receive an error while attempting to do so. 


*Exception: You may still request a $20 payout using SEPA, but if your cumulative is not summing up to $50, your payout will still get sent after 14 days.