Security FAQ

Fansly takes the protection of creators very seriously; the consent and privacy of creators in all spheres is very important. Our commitment to your protection is reflected in our robust on-site privacy features alongside our dedicated customer support efforts to ensure your content remains safe, your boundaries respected, and your privacy intact. 

If any of your questions or concerns are not addressed here, feel free to contact us at

Am I protected from chargebacks?

Though we do reserve the right to deduct earnings if your account receives an unusually high number of chargebacks compared to the general creator base or in exceptional cases of creator fault; Fansly protects creators from chargebacks in all other cases. You can read more about our chargeback policy in our Terms of Service:

How do I avoid someone from a certain area viewing my profile?

To block a country, state, city, or region from accessing your profile page, go to your Privacy & Safety settings - they’ll just see a blank page, as if your account doesn’t exist. You can also make your timeline visible to followers only, meaning while your page would clearly exist to anyone not logged in, nobody would be able to view the contents of your feed without logging in and following you, which can help increase privacy.

How do I block someone, and how does this affect subscriptions/purchases?

Blocking an account will prevent the user from viewing your profile or contacting you on Fansly. To block an account, click the three dots near their username, then select Block user. As a creator, you're allowed to block a subscriber at your discretion. Their subscription is not automatically refunded to them, however if they raise a case with our team and we find it warrants a refund, that would be deducted from your earnings. After a fan has been blocked, they retain the access to purchased media. In exceptional cases, you can email to request the media be removed and the user refunded.

How should I share my account access with my agency/assistant/manager?

If you are a creator working together with an agency, assistant, or other third parties to manage your account, we recommend creating a Management Session for them to keep your account secure. Management Sessions allow you to share a link with someone you trust to enable them to log into your account without sharing your login information. We also recommend adding Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account further.

Is my legal name visible to my fans?

No, your personal information is secure! Only the information on your profile page is visible to the public. Your personal information is encrypted on our site, we do not store any billing information, and Fansly would never breach your Privacy. Fansly does not store any billing information; your payment information is stored by a third-party payment processor. Your payment information is only used to process transactions you make on Fansly.

Can users pay me on Fansly for content/services provided on another platform?

If it is content/services that breaches our terms of service, no.