The how (and why) of reposting another creators' content

Why do I need to repost?

At Fansly, we encourage creators to keep agency over their content. However, we also know that it is important that creators are able to support each other while making sure the original creator can retain credit for the content that they have worked hard on.


That's why creators are required to repost, rather than reupload*, the content of other creators. Tagging does not suffice to identify another creator. Reposting helps the original creator retain ownership and credit over their content.


*Note: If all parties in the content have signed and submitted consent forms, re-uploading content is permitted.


For example:

Creator A wants to promote content from creator B. If creator A re-posts the post made by creator B, no consent form is required.

If creator A wants to re-upload content from creator B, a consent form is required, as per our guidelines for co-authored content.

If creator A and creator B make collaborative content together, content can be re-uploaded or re-posted, but a consent form or tag is required, as per our guidelines for co-authored content.


How do I repost?

Simply head to the original post, navigate to the bottom of it, and select the repost icon. Please note that failure to adhere to this policy may result in action taken against your Fansly account. 


Once you have re-posted another creator's post, that post is visible on your timeline. Any users can easily navigate to the original post and creator. Here's what it looks like:


Monosnap Fansly - @Fansly_Skyline 2024-03-26 16-37-40.jpg