Your audience on Fansly - Followers and Subscribers

On Fansly, there are various ways that you can gate your content and/or monetize it, but there are only three different kinds of users that are engaging with your content: followers, subscribers, and users that are neither of those. Enabling followers and subscribers is optional; you can have your page exclusively PPV and available to any user if you wanted to. But in order to retain an audience, keep them updated with your content, and establish consistent income for yourself, we recommend enabling followers and/or subscribers on your page. And you can have both followers and subscriptions enabled on the same profile! No need for seperate free/paid pages.


Followers will not only have access to anything you lock behind the "Following" permission, they'll also:

  • have your content appear on their Fansly homepage
  • be notified when you run Promotions for subscriptions
  • receive email notifications about your content
  • be a group you can send mass messages to

If you have subscriptions enabled on your page, all subscribers are set as followers, and if a subscription expires, they’ll automatically turn into a Follower. Due to how well following helps you to retain engagement, we highly recommend enabling Following as an option on your page, even if all of your content is subscriber-only. 


As a creator, you can offer a recurring subscription to your page and various benefits (as well as being able to lock content behind a Subscribed permission). 

Almost everything about Subscriptions lives on Plans/Promos page of your Creator Dashboard!

Many creators have only one subscription tier, but if you want to offer multiple subscription tiers with distinct prices and benefits, click "Create New Subscription Tier" for each additional tier you want to create. The display order of your tiers can be reorganized on your profile page by clicking the up or down arrow beside each subscription tier.

Customizing Subscriptions:


Subscription Tier Name: Exactly what it says on the tin, this is what your tier is named!

Subscription Tier Color: Click the pencil to set the colour of your tier and how it displays on your page.

Subscription Benefits: This is where you can include benefits of a tier, which will be listed to fans before they agree to subscribe.

Included Tiers: If you have multiple tiers, you can include other tiers inside of a tier (e.g. base subscription benefits inside of your VIP tier).

Maximum Subscribers: If you want to limit the number of spaces available in a tier, you can do so here. 

Pricing Subscriptions:

Plans/Pricing is where you can change the price of your subscription. As well as setting a base price for your subscription, you can run a public discount for a limited time, offer multi-month discounts, and offer exclusive free or discounted trial months privately to users.

  • To discount your subscriptions for a limited time, opt for a Promotion instead of altering the subscription price directly. This way, it’ll display as a discount so people know they’re getting a deal! To apply a discount for all Fansly users, click the "Promotion" button on a subscription tier. Enter the discounted amount, customize your promotion settings, and then click "Save & Enable." The promotion will activate based on the "Available From" setting's date and time. You can also exclude expired subscribers or those who have previously used a promotion from purchasing another promotional subscription. Once you click “Save”, your followers receive a notification on on the Start Date that you’re running a Promotion.

  • Multi-Month Discounts: To incentivize longer subscription periods, such as offering 15% off for a 3-month subscription, you can set up multiple plans for a subscription tier. Within "Edit Subscription Tier" under "Plans/Pricing," you can establish subscription plans for durations up to 6 months.

  • Offering a free trial: Gift links, visible at the bottom of your Plans/Promos page, are a great way for you to share a subscriber experience with someone at a discount of your choice! You can use these to give friends a lifetime subscription for free, or give a certain exclusive group a discounted rate rather than running a full promotion. Check out our full tutorial on Gift Links here.

On the Subscribers page you can see who joined, who has rebill on, what their subscription date is, what tier they’re in, as well as who your expired subscribers are. 

Note: While multiple subscription tiers can be a fantastic way of categorising your content, many creators find success with a single tier, or no tiers! 

Subscribers/Followers FAQs

What’s the maximum and minimum prices for subscriptions?

The minimum amount a subscription price can be set is $5, and the maximum amount is $499.99 per month. 

How do I block someone, and how does this affect subscriptions/purchases?

Blocking an account will prevent the user from viewing your profile or contacting you on Fansly. To block an account, click the three dots near their username, then select Block user. As a creator, you're allowed to block a subscriber at your discretion. 

Am I protected from chargebacks?

Fansly protects you from chargebacks in (almost) all cases, though we do reserve the right to deduct earnings if your account receives an unusually high number of chargebacks compared to the general creator base. You can read more about our chargeback policy in our Terms of Service.

How do I stop someone from subscribing, purchasing all my content, and then charging back the subscription?

When uploading a media bundle, you can lock it so that only those that have been subscribed for a certain amount of time are able to view/purchase the content. Select "Advanced Mode" and add "Subscribed (More Options)", which will bring up the below:

Is my legal name visible to my fans?

No, your personal information is secure! Only the information on your profile page is visible to the public. Your personal information is encrypted on our site, we do not store any billing information, and Fansly would never breach your privacy. Fansly does not store any billing information; your payment information is stored by a third-party payment processor. Your payment information is only used to process transactions you make on Fansly.