What is a payer, and how do I choose one?

What is a payer?

A payer is the entity that is ultimately tasked with delivering your payout. Fansly has partnered with multiple payout providers, and those providers may have multiple payers available to deliver your payment. Depending on which payer you choose, you may be required to submit different information.

Where do I choose my payer?

First off, Paxum and Cosmopayment are their own payers, which means your Paxum/Cosmo payouts are always directly delivered by those partners. Bank and cryptocurrency payouts may be delivered by multiple payers.

Once you have selected your country on your payout methods page, you'll be able to see the required data for that payout method alongside a payer dropdown menu.

If you tap on that payer menu, you'll see the list of available payers for your region, and you'll be able to make your choice.

How do I decide which payer to choose?

Which payer to pick is up to you, but please keep in mind that different payers may process funds in different currencies. "Bank Wire" payers, for example, generally deliver funds in USD/EUR via the SWIFT network (international bank transfer). "Bank Deposit" payers generally deliver funds locally, and in your local currency.

It's good to remember that your bank may charge you a fee for receiving international transfers, so we recommend contacting them directly if you're unsure.

Your payout methods page will always show the currency set for any given payout method.


Some countries have their payers divided by bank - if that is the case for you, simply choose your bank from the dropdown list and proceed.


If you are still unsure of which payer to pick, please don't hesitate to contact us; our team will be glad to offer assistance.

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