Fansly and DAC7

What is a DAC7?

DAC7 is a new addition to Directive 2011/16/EU, which focuses on administrative cooperation in taxation. It brings in new reporting requirements for Digital Platform Operators who make their platforms available to Reportable Sellers (Fansly Creators). 

Where do I submit my DAC7 Form?

You can submit your DAC7 form by navigating to your Creator Dashboard, expanding the list by clicking More, and then selecting Tax Documentation.


I don't live in the EU, why am I asked to fill out the form?

If you no longer reside within the EU, we have to update our internal records, as well as the records of our partners. Please contact us via email to if that is the case.


I don't know how to fill out the form

If you need help filling out the form, we recommend that you contact a local tax advisor for assistance. Fansly Support is unable to give tax or legal advice, and we recommend consulting a professional.