Alternative Payout Methods

Fansly strives to have as many payout methods available as possible for our creators, and we are constantly working on introducing new payout methods to expand the options available. 

Regrettably temporary downtimes can occur for specific payout methods from time to time. This can happen if one of our partners is having temporary technical difficulties or if one of the payout processing methods becomes unavailable. These periods of downtime can cause your regular bank payout method to no longer be available.

These disruptions are usually temporary. To ensure you are prepared for these events though, we recommend setting up an alternative payout method in advance.

Currently, Fansly offers three alternative payout methods for creators to receive their funds:

These services may have their own verification processes, similar to ours, which must be completed successfully prior to a being connected to your Fansly account. Please contact the customer support team for your preferred payout method provider with any questions relating to their verification processes.