Adding Paxum as a Payout Method

Paxum is an online wallet service enabling you to send and receive payments. To withdraw your funds from Paxum, they offer wire transfers, EFT transfers, and P2P transfers (to other Paxum users). Additionally, you may withdraw funds from local ATMs and make purchases online using their Paxum Prepaid Card.

Please note that only some withdrawal methods are available for some countries. To find out which services are offered in your region, please follow this link.

You can register your Paxum account here. Fill in your personal information, including the source of your funds and the purpose of your account. Paxum will verify your information and identity document - this process usually does not take longer than one week. Please note that you will be unable to send or receive funds prior to verifying your identity.

After verifying your Paxum account, all you have to do is add your Paxum email address as a payout method within your Fansly account and request a payout.


Once your payout request has been approved, Paxum payouts are usually sent to your Paxum account within one business day. From Paxum, you can withdraw funds with your preferred payout method or spend your funds using their Paxum Prepaid Card.

For further questions, you can browse their help center or contact their support team directly.