Media Permissions

Uploading Media/Media Permissions

Circling back to when we upload media, let's talk about adding permissions to unlock, free previews, and permission presets.


Once you upload media to your post, you will get this pop-up box. You can see here that we have "media permissions", and boxes to click on, that when prompted, give you multiple options.

Add Price:
Add a price requirement to unlock the attached media.

All users who are following can unlock the attached media.

A user must be subscribed to unlock the attached media. You can specify for all tiers, or select specific subscription tiers. Is this a special video only for your VIP subs? Select only your VIP tier in the permissions.

Subscribed (More Options):

Choose a timeframe in which a fan must have been subscribed to unlock the media. More features coming here soon!

Limited time:
Set a time frame for when this media will be available.

You can add multiple of these permissions at a time. For example, you can have one requirement to be "Must be following + pay $10 to unlock". That permission would look like this:

You can add additional ways to unlock the media as well. Underneath, where it says "or", you can see that you can add more permissions that are separate from the first set. For example, you could allow subscribers to pay less to unlock the media. That would look something like this:


These permissions would allow 2 different ways a fan could unlock this media.

1. A fan who is following you may pay $10


2. A fan who is subscribed to you may pay $5

You can customize this entirely to your liking, this is just an example of how you could set them up!

Adding previews to your media

Sometimes we want our fans to know what they can expect if they unlock a set, but without giving the content away for free. This is where "Add Free Preview" (outlined in red) comes in handy!


Upon clicking the plus sign under "add free preview", you'll have three options to choose from. You can either clone the existing picture, and that will prompt a photo editor to pop up where you can add emoji stickers, or text. Or you can upload a new picture that's stored on the device you're currently using, or choose a pre-existing piece of media from your vault. 
Your set preview will be able to be viewed by anyone who has access to your timeline.