If you want to share some quick content with your views, such as a peek into your daily life, or maybe advertise a new post, Stories can be a quick and easy way to do exactly that!
If you’ve ever utilized the Stories feature on websites like Instagram, or Facebook, it is exactly the same concept. You can post media, and it will stay on your Fansly story for 24 hours before expiring automatically.

You will have the exact same media permissions as if you were posting media to your feed, or in DMs.
If you’d like a guide on pay-per-view content (PPV), you can click here. If you’d like a more in-depth guide to media permissions, you can check out our Creator Guide.

To post a story to your Fansly, you can do so right on the Fansly home page. I’ve attached a photo example below of where you can locate your story, and upload a new story (outlined in red), as well as stories from people you follow.

image5.pngPosting a story while on mobile, whether browser or app, will have the exact same process - however it looks a little different. You will find a screenshot example below, where you can find your stories at the very top of the page! The button to tap to post to your story is again outlined in red.


Pictured below is an example of media, and default permissions when uploading to your story. If you’ve uploaded media to your feed, or to messages before, this will be familiar.


Once you’ve pressed upload, you will be given a preview of your story, and then a button on the bottom right to “Create” (outlined in red in the photo below).


If you wish to delete your uploaded story, you can do so by clicking your icon in the stories UI, and pressing “view your story”.

From there, you will notice three dots on the top right that you can click, where you can check how many views your story gained, or delete the posted story - this is also where you can report a story if you see something that goes against the Fansly ToS.

Congratulations on posting your first Fansly story! Whether it’s updating your fans on your daily life, advertising new posts, or giving a behind the scenes look, have some spicy fun!