Someone has stolen my identity!

If you have discovered a fake profile page impersonating as you/believe someone has stolen your identity, please pay close attention to the URL of the website in question. Fansly only operates under the domains of or Any other domain is not hosted nor operated by us.

There's been an epidemic of websites impersonating as Fansly created to try and lure people into stealing their credit card information. We strongly believe these are randomly generated, and not made to target anyone specifically, but it doesn't make it any less stressful or scary when it happens. We empathize with the victims being impersonated, as well as users who are being misled. We're working around the clock to find a permanent solution to this issue.


Depending on which host was used to create the fake page, you can find direct links to report channels below.

If the Fansly page impersonating as you is under, please reach out to us immediately via email to, so we can investigate and take appropriate action as soon as possible.