How do I update my personal data?

Why we need current data

When it comes to your personal data, it's important that we always have the most current information on file for you. If your creator application has outdated data, that may impact how you can utilize Fansly to its best potential.

For example, if you have recently changed your name, your bank payouts may fail because they're being sent with an outdated name. The country we have on file for you determines which payout methods you have access to, and keeping that updated may give you a wider range of choices. Oftentimes, an outdated address can cause your payouts to fail - and it can take a long time to communicate with all of the banks involved to recover the funds and re-process them.

How you can update your personal data

Generally, it's pretty simple - if one (or more) aspects of your personal information have changed, all we need is a quick email from you, along with confirmation of that change. Here are some common cases and how to resolve them:

Address change:

To update your address, our team requires proof of address. These documents are valid proof of address:

  1. Credit card or bank statement
  2. Utility bill
  3. Lease agreement
  4. Tax or voter registration document
  5. Displacement letter (if applicable)

Please send us an email and include a copy of such a document. Please note that your document must be dated and cannot be older than 90 days.

Name change:

For any type of legal name change, please send us an email and include the following:

  1. Proof of your name change (Marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.)
  2. Close-up picture of your ID in your new name

Personal Business/LLC:

If you have recently registered a business for your content creation, it's best that we know about it. Oftentimes, payouts to business bank accounts can fail because payments are, by default, sent under your personal name. If you'd like your payouts to be disbursed to a business you own, please contact us with the following:

  1. Updated tax documentation (Note: This varies by country. Generally, US creators need to send us an updated form W9, while non-US creators need to send us form W8-BEN-E. DAC7 may also be required.)
  2. Proof of business ownership: Typically, articles of incorporation and shareholders list (or your local equivalent)
  3. If your business was not registered in the current year, we may also need proof of its activity in this year (For example, a commercial register extract)

If there is any other personal data you'd like us to update, please contact our team directly, and we'll do our best to assist you. However, we cannot change the ownership of your Fansly account from one party to another.


Please know that Fansly takes your data privacy seriously, and we treat your submissions with the utmost care. Only parties involved in your account update will see it, and all information is immediately encrypted once you submit it to us. You can consult our privacy policy for further details on how Fansly handles your data.

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