Using management sessions to keep your account secure

We at Fansly are constantly improving account security and implementing tools to help manage your account.

If you are a creator working together with an agency, assistant, or other third parties to manage your account, we recommend creating a Management Session for them to keep your account secure. Management Sessions allow you to share a link with someone you trust to enable them to log into your account without sharing your login information.


Securing your account

Before creating and sharing a new management session, please verify that your account is completely secure by following these steps:

First, head to and close any login sessions you do not recognize. We also recommend adding Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account further; that can be set up here: (for further assistance on setting up 2FA, please review this article).

If you have shared your 2FA codes (or the associated QR code) with anyone in the past, please remove and re-add your 2FA protection. This will ensure that you are the only person with access to your 2FA codes.

We also recommend verifying the session data of the email address associated with your Fansly account and changing your passwords regularly.


Creating management sessions

Once the above steps have been followed, please visit and click "Create Session." We recommend giving your session a unique name that will help you remember who you've shared access with.

You can select the access level of your manager in the following pop-up:

Users logged in through a management session can never do any of the following:

  • View, create, or update management sessions
  • Create or delete payout methods
  • View or close active login/account sessions
  • Delete your account

Please also carefully read the following disclaimer:

Once you are happy with your settings, click 'Create' and copy the link to share it with your manager.

Users logged in through a management session do not need to create their own Fansly account. Once they log out of your account, you must create a new management session and share the link with them again.

You can close any session by hitting the red 'Delete' button. This will immediately revoke access from the user and log them out of your account.