Gift Links

Gift links are a great way for you to share a subscriber experience with someone at a discount of your choice! You can use these to give friends a lifetime subscription for free, or give a certain exclusive group a discounted rate rather than running a full promotion.

To create a gift link, go to, this is the first page of your Creator Dashboard. 


Here, you can see your existing gift links and how many times they’ve been used. You can also disable and re-enable them. (Disabling them will kick out people from the benefits.)

How to create a Gift Link:

Well, click "Create Gift Link"!



Label: This is just so you remember who this is for!

Renews for: When the gift link expires, if you have multi-month subscriptions turned on you can select if you want the gift link to renew for a 1 month, 2 month or 3 month subscription.

Gift link limit: This is the amount of uses the link can have. Once it reaches its limit, you can increase it by editing the link.

Discounted price: You can discount your subscription from 0% to 100%! 

Duration of subscription: How long until the gifted period expires and the user is renewed onto the “Renews for” time.

Uses for Gift Links:

Lifetime Subscription for Friends

Fansly's more fun with friends! To invite a friend to see all your subscriber-only content for free forever: label the gift link as “lifetime”, mark it at a 100% discount, and set the duration of the subscription to 1,000 days. (Only share this with people you really trust, or make individual gift links for individual people and put the limit at 1 use per link.)

You could ask everyone to tip $5 and a winner will be randomly chosen to be gifted a three month sub or something like that! For this, be sure to limit the link uses to 1. 

Exclusive Groups
If you want to share a first-month discount with a closed community (e.g. your Discord, or Telegram) but not the public, gift links are perfect for that! We recommend setting a limit so that it can't be reshared willy nilly.